We find your water before you drill.

We use the latest seismic technology to help you find water for a well or irrigation project before going into the high costs of drilling one or even multiple water wells without knowing where the groundwater is first.

You can count on leading edge technology that has been proven around the globe to reliably map aquifer data. Contrary to dowsing ( otherwise known as water witching) this seismic technology is based on scientific principles, which have been shown to consistently provide accurate well water drilling results!

Why us?

We use the latest water finding technology characterized by three systems for the detection of groundwater, artesian wells and borewells in the ground. In order to accuratly do that we use:

How to find Water and Water Table Depth Underground.

If you are looking to drill a water well, you want to know where to drill before going to the expense of drilling a water well. The big question is “how deep am I going to have to drill to find water in my area, and what depth is the water table (the level below which the ground is saturated with water.)”.

Looking at water well records for your area is a good place to start. After viewing the records for your area you will see that the depth and yield ( gallons per minute ) vary greatly. Some of the wells may find water in a unconsolidated zone and some in fractured bedrock. Whether you are looking to find or locate, an underground lake, underground river, underground stream or creek, underground spring etc they are all classified as groundwater.


Water finding.

Well drilling.

Our search results.

We provide a full report with the following results:

Type of water.



Solid rocks.


Very in-depth report.

We have a state of the art report that will inform you with precision where your water is located, how deep and the quality of the water.

Areas we serve.

Please find below the areas we serve. We also accomodate outside of our service area for an additional fee.

location_on100 mile radius.

If you are within 100 miles from our office you are within our service area.

Jasper & surrounding areas

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